Fraser Island

28th March – 1st April

Travelling truly is bitter sweet. After a homesickness sting on Easter Sunday, I was looking forward to the turning point. That turning point ladies and gentlemen: lo and behold – Fraser Island.

I firstly stopped off for one night at Hervey Bay (a place famous for whale watching in the correct season). Now is not the season. There’s not much to do here so it’s mainly just people waiting to go to Fraser Island. Lots of old people live here too. The bus driver referred to Hervey Bay as ‘God’s waiting room.’

I had planned an early night as I wanted to feel fresh for Fraser tomorrow. I did not expect to be up most of the night, holding some German girl’s hair back as she was sick through to the early hours. She is travelling alone and had gone wild on the tequilas. Probably had 9 or 10 too many. Falling into the dorm at midnight, she was paralytic. It’s pure stupidity to get that wasted when you’re alone in a foreign country. But we couldn’t just leave her to choke on her own vomit, so the rest of the room tried to help. She missed the bin several times and was sick in her bed and made the room stink. Not ideal. Then some Irish girl tried to pick an argument with us all. It felt like I was on bloody Geordie Shore.


Forget last night. Today is the day! After a short bus ride and ferry, before we knew it, we were stepping onto paradise. I instantly clicked with Maja (pronounced Mia) from Denmark and we were both ever so excited to start exploring.

The 4WD bus is quite something. Fraser’s roads are all sand and Jesus Christ it’s bumpy. Definitely fun, but not easy on the old back and neck. The tour guides nickname the tracks such as, ‘heart attack hill’ and ‘the roller-coaster.’

Our first stop was taking a dip in Lake McKenzie – 100% in my top 5 most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a perched sand dune lake (so on top of a massive sand dune). There are only 80 in the world and Fraser has 40 of them. It is the clearest water I’ve ever seen and dramatically turns to a dark blue (kind of like ombré / dip dyed hair!) And the sand is the whitest sand that my feet have ever sunk in. There was a lot of pressure to get a beautiful photo to represent how breathtaking it was. I got a few snaps that I like, but it genuinely doesn’t do it justice.

We then did a walk through the rainforest, filling our water bottles up in the creek (sand filtered water). It had no taste whatsoever (how water should be) so it was probably the best, purest water I’ve ever had.


Perfect all you can eat brekkie after a spot of yoga on the beach. Here I saw dingo footprints… It’s scary how big the claws are!

Today we drove along 75 mile beach. We experienced the Champagne Pools (natural rock pool jacuzzis). It was loads of fun trying to get an ace photo with Maja on the GoPro as huge waves crashed over us. After lunch we swam in a crystal clear freshwater creek with ocean views and were back in time to watch the breath-taking sunset. This is incredible.

The nights on the Island include drinking games with other travellers – Ring of fire, odds on, never have I ever (to name a few). It feels like Freshers all over again!


After another top breakfast spread we played around on paddle boards and snoozed in the sun. It was so peaceful. Then we trekked to see the sand blows which felt like we were hiking in a desert. Sadly, before we knew it, our time on the Island was coming to an end.

Spending these last 3 days on Fraser was just what I needed. I feel tired but also well rested. Above all, I feel very privileged to have experienced such a beautiful place in the world.

Back to Hervey Bay we go!

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