Humidity, Homesickness and more Homesickness

25th March

Brisbane is hot and humid. I’m craving a run but I’m also too tired and headachy. Did I mention that I’ve just done an 18 hour bus journey from Sydney? I feel both foolish and accomplished.

My hostel is like an oven.

Pack in the complaining, Liv. You’re supposed to be having the time of your life. Let’s try to see the positives… Ah, my room has air con!

Air con doesn’t work.

Let’s buy some nice food to cheer you up!

It’s Good Friday. Practically everything is shut.

I decide to explore Southbank. It feels similar to London which is nice. The botanical gardens are nice too. Apologies for using the rubbish word ‘nice’ two times in a row, but I’m not very happy right now. I’m feeling lonely. Travelling is amazing because you meet so many people and you become close very quickly… But everyone is on the move, so before you know it, you say goodbye. You then have to be all upbeat and friendly to try and make new friends, but knowing it will only be temporary. It’s emotionally exhausting. Right now, I want to go home. Correction, I want to BE home. I don’t want to just pack it all in.

Whilst alone in the anti-social hostel, the TV grabs my attention. It’s the Antiques Roadshow theme tune! Hi Fiona Bruce!!!! I smile, as it reminds me of home.

Before I know it, some rude German girl storms over and changes the channel. Rudely interrupting Fiona explaining the history of a duck-egg-blue vase. “What is this crap.” She says.

Back to sulking into my pasta…


Next day, I meet a lovely girl – Sarah, who is on the bus with me to Noosa. She praises me for lasting this long without feeling my first wave of homesickness. She convinces me of how normal it is, which makes me feel a bit better.


27th March

Happy Easter! Noosa has the potential to be gorgeous. But it is jam-packed with it being the Easter weekend. It is also very grey and rainy. What a shame.

I had breakfast with an Italian guy. He is surprised that I am English. “You are too small to be English.” (I’m not sure what that means). He also said, “you look too sophisticated to be English.” I’ll take that, good sir!

Things turned weird when we were washing up. “Can I try something?” He said. The way he looked at me, I genuinely thought he was going to kiss me. Oh good God, no. How cringe. Please no.

Instead he said: “your legs are so muscly. Can I touch them?”

In shock, trying to find an appropriate response, there he was, poking my thigh and laughing, saying “wow! Cool!”


The horrid weather is frustrating me and encouraging the homesickness again. The family day, Easter Sunday was a difficult day.


28th March

Feeling more positive. The sun has finally come out. What’s more, I’m a very lucky girl and going to Fraser Island tomorrow. Let’s do this!

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