City Life, Beach Life, Bus Life

20th March

Connie and I ventured into the city centre together. We went in one of Melbourne’s many adorable coffee shops to have a delicious beverage and a muffin, before saying goodbye. Never will I forget the time I worked with such a hilarious, energetic, strong girl who has helped me to have the time of my life.

I spent the rest of the day cruising around coffee shops and catching up on diary writing. Also mentally preparing myself for the 12 hour bus journey to Sydney.

Yes, you read that correctly. TWELVE.

As my Dad would say it’s character building: All part of being British and growing up.


I slept most of the way but it was a very disturbed, light sleep – constantly waking up with uncomfortable aches and pains. Some rat of a man behind me had his stinking feet poking through to my seat, so I did loads of short, sharp reclines to tell him to sod off. Before I knew it, we had arrived.

Arrived in central Sydney before 6am. It was dark and weeing it down with rain. Luckily, I found my hostel pretty quickly but you couldn’t check in until 1pm. LONG.

That evening I went for a jog and stumbled across the opera house and harbour bridge. How surreal.


Second morning in Sydney was still cloudy but not raining. I took the bus to Bondi beach and from there did the beautiful Bondi to Coogee coastal walk (but I ran it. Classic). It felt very cool to be on Bondi, but I going to be honest with you: it’s just a beach. Bondi itself, in my opinion, is not memorable at all.

I was going to spend the afternoon checking out Darling Harbour. I’m basically there but will come again on Thursday when the weather is better. It’s chucking it down with rain, so I’m in a cafe enjoying a Nutella hot chocolate.


I really get on with two guys in my dorm – Dirk from Germany and Marvin from Switzerland. Today the three amigos will catch the ferry to Manly beach! It’s a very cool 30 min boat ride, seeing the opera house and harbour bridge fade into the distance. Our day consisted of ice creams, falling asleep on the beach, and then accidentally leaving Dirk behind! Good job the ferry runs every 30 minutes! Marvin and I took a long walk back, climbing trees on the way. I felt like a 7 year old. It was great. Then Marvin slipped and grazed his arm pretty badly. It was conveniently on his bicep so he kept showing me and tensing his muscles. He makes me laugh. Such a boy.

Guess what I’m up to tomorrow? Taking an 18 hour bus journey to Brisbane (EIGHTEEN, not a typo). Can’t wait.

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