Possums, Glaciers and a Little Knob

6th Feb

Now got an ace group of pals and feeling oh so content with life. We’re at a real party hostel tonight. It’s New Zealand’s birthday today and we’re going to a Kiwi-themed fancy dress party. I’m either gonna go as an All Blacks player or a possum. Do possums have visible ears? I hope so. That would be cute.

Me and the girls are in a room with a 40 something year old. She has a heart of gold but my god, she needs an off switch. STOP. TALKING.

For party gossip, please see handwritten diary. Sorry.


7th Feb

Inhaled the free breakfast this morning.

Arrived in the beautiful Franz Josef about 1.30pm. It has a bit of a Mammoth Lakes feel about it (see California diary, 2015). Snow-capped mountains surrounding a tiny little mountain village, which luckily, in our case, was gloriously sunny. How idyllic.

I’ve put my name down to do the glacier hike tomorrow. It’s very expensive ($319) but a once in a lifetime opportunity. My whole feel for this trip is even if I want to do something a little bit – do it. Come back to England without any regrets.

The woman that checked us in at the hostel was the most irritating lump of a human that you can imagine. “I hear you had a big night last night?… Lots of wine?” (She then holds up a glass of wine). “Do you all remember what wine is?” She then got all stressy when we were trying to pay – telling us off, telling us she can’t multitask and that she can’t process things quickly… (What NOT to say in a job interview).

There’s a great hike here, but it’s a long one and we don’t have time today. It’s 6-8 hours and called something Knob (not actually ‘something’ I just can’t remember the name). So instead we decided to do the ‘little’ knob hike. Ha, brilliant.


8th Feb

Glacier hike day! Felt like such a boss being in the front seat of the helicopter with all the head gear on. The views were truly spectacular and the take off and landing was so smooth, you felt like you were in a little bubble, floating over the mountain tops. Skies were gloriously blue so got some fab photos. It was fun wearing the mountain boots with spikes and going through the narrow gaps in the ice. I was in my element and felt like such a little explorer.


Still loving Franz and wanted to run in the beautiful scenery. “Eugh, how do you have the effort to run?” they groan. For me, it is an effort NOT to run. I was merrily cruising along, then out of nowhere, without warning, 8 wolf dogs sprung out of the bushes, barking viciously and jumping up at me. “This is the end.” I thought. What good is a rape alarm in this situation!? Frozen like a statue for what felt like at least 20 long seconds, 3 women then appeared through the hedges too. “Don’t jump up at the lady!” One of them called. “Don’t worry sweetie, they’re real friendly.” Sure, those fangs look harmless. But I live to tell the tale and come away scratch-free. All is well.


Now hyperventilating with excitement and fear. Just signed up to do the Nevis bungy jump.

To be continued…

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